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Inspired youth supports his father's childhood school in Ethiopia

Please enjoy this letter to Ethiopia Reads from the rightfully proud mother of young fundraiser Alexander Desta (pictured). A big thank you to Alex for his incredible work to support literacy in Ethiopia! We're very grateful to have supporters like you.


Dear Ethiopia Reads,

Alex began his efforts to gather funds for the Felege Yordanos School library, after a conversation with his dad back in December.   In that conversation he learned the fact that during his dad's elementary school years at the Felege Yordanos School in Ethiopia a large number of students had to share just one book in class.

He reflected on how blessed he is to be able to read and have access to so many books everyday of his life, while in other places of the world such as Ethiopia, students have very little or no access at all to books. Alexander decided he would do something about it and after some research, set out to collect funds from friends and family to benefit the students of the school where his father attended as a little boy.  He began by saving his own money in a piggy bank and adding every coin he owned and thereafter received.  He then created a flyer where he asked friends and family to help him collect funds to expand the book collection at his dad's childhood school.

In his research, we came across the Ethiopia Reads Organization website and were pleased to learn that the Felege Yordanos School was one of the sights were a library had recently been built.  We also recalled our attendance at (Ethiopia Reads board chair) Mrs. Jane Kurtz's talk in Boston in 2005 where she spoke about the undertaking of Ethiopia Reads and the fact that Ethiopian children did not have much access to books.  It is an honor for him and us (his parents) to be able to be part of such a great cause as is Ethiopia Reads.

Thank you,

Lillian Pinet

Friday, March 09, 2012


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