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Host Your Own Book Drive

Hosting a book drive is an ideal way to raise awareness in your community or company and be a wonderful resource for high quality books (please see our Donate Books guidelines for the books Ethiopia Reads can accept) before you start your Book Drive.

Steps to Hosting a Book Drive

  1. Find a location where books can be secure and dry. School gymnasiums, college unions, libraries and company office lobbies work well.  Be sure to get the name and contact information of the employee what will serve as your single point of contact for the book drive. Please make sure your contact is aware of Ethiopia Reads’ book guidelines.
  2. Gather large plastic containers to place at each location. It is a good idea to attach a flyer about your children’s book drive to the containers and also post in your community, school and business. Remember to add your contact information. If you contact us, we can send you a PDF of our logo for your flyer.
  3. Decide on a timeline for your book drive.  Typically, book drives last 2 month.  March is Literacy Month and a good time to raise awareness about how literacy can provide opportunity out of poverty for the children in Ethiopia.
  4. Send out a press release to local papers about the book drive (remember to add your contact information and location to the press release.
  5. Stay in weekly contact with your book drive location contacts to make sure your large containers are maintained and to gauge participation. You may need to pick up books from location in order to make room in the containers for more books.
  6. Once the event is over, send a signed, “thank you “ letter to the company or organization that served as a collection point. It is also a nice idea to thank the community members or employees, local paper, etc.
  7. Please send the selected donated books to our book collection point in Kansas:

    Mrs. LeAnn Clark, 8829 West Dutch Avenue, Hesston, KS  67062  USA

  8. In your flyers, press release and thank you letter, it is helpful to insert:
    a. “To learn more about Ethiopia Reads, please visit our website,"
    b. Ethiopia Reads is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization.  Our Tax ID # is 94-328038.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductions.
  9. We would be thrilled to hear your story.  Please share this story, your inspiration, any photos or video and the result of your book drive by emailing contacting us.  We would be happy to share your success in our quarterly newsletter and website.  You can be an inspiration for others to start book drives!

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