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Honoring Yvonne Hanley, Sue Fristad, Janet Rose & Dr. Jill Shafer

Friends of Ethiopia Reads is honoring four educators (3 from Grand Forks and 1 from Colorado) who traveled to Ethiopia in the fall or2015 to train Ethiopian educators. These literacy professionals carried storytelling kits created by University of North Dakota students as part of a collaboration between the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEAM (Teaching Education through Applied Methods) programs. These educators demonstrated how to use the kits for visual stimulation in the reading process and how Ethiopian educators could create their own storytelling visuals. Part of the instruction also included better organization to library materials. Ethiopian educators, in turn, have taken the information they learn about to their own rural schools.

One observation made by these trainers was the lack of local language literature in Ethiopia Reads' libraries. Ethiopia Reads is now raising money for Local Language Collections for their school libraries. In June, Yerusalem Primary School, Addis Abba, Ethiopia, received a local language collection purchased with funds raised by Schroeder MS, Grand Forks.   Schroeder MS planted Yerusalem's school library in 2007 with funds raised from their first Spring Work Day benefiting Ethiopia Reads.

This August children here and in Ethiopia are going back to school. US children will go back to school libraries stocked with books they can read. Ethiopian children need books they can read in their own language. You can help with a donation to Ethiopia Reads. You don't have to attend any event!  Instead, read your own favorite book!

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