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Ethiopia Reads provides access to education to children who need it the most. We build and furnish classrooms and complete schools, train local teachers and provide books that fuel learning.

Our schools are largely funded by private donations – donations from people like you who want to see a child go to kindergarten and get the education every child deserves.  By becoming a monthly sponsor you can follow the progress of our schools and learn more about the children in attendance. Finding out firsthand what your help really means.

Why sponsor a kindergartner or early primary student? Access to pre-school and kindergarten is still fairly limited in Ethiopia, so many children without financial means have no choice but to stay home during these critical developmental years.

In grades 1-4, children learn in to read Amharic and English, and often in a local language as well. The quality of reading instruction in early grades is a critical concern for the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia and for most aid organizations.

Ripple Effect: By sponsoring one child, you are offering the whole family (average family size in Ethiopia is 7) an opportunity to escape a long-running cycle of poverty. If our average school serves 200 children, that can mean opportunity for 1,400 children and family members per year.

Our monthly sponsorship program is a base donation of $21 per month that supports Ethiopia Read's educational efforts.

Monthly sponsors will receive:

  •         A welcome letter 
  •         Monthly student spotlights featuring a child who benefits from sponsorship - so you know your impact
  •         A graduation ceremony update - so you can share in this valuable (and adorable) Ethiopian school tradition 
  •         A holiday card 

The education of one child can free an entire family from a generation of hopelessness. It can be the difference between a lifetime of poverty and a chance at a real future.If the average family in Ethiopia numbers 7, that can translate into opportunity for 1,400 children and family members per year!

See the Support Schools and Libraries page for more ways to contribute, including one-time payment option for school sponsorship.

You can keep early education alive in Ethiopia.

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