team tesfa

Team Tesfa is an athletics club with a difference. The runners on the team are encouraged to pursue athletic excellence and personal growth in the realm of education and vocational skills. Team Tesfa provides vulnerable young girls with the skills and confidence to lift themselves out of poverty and become self reliant models for other women.

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Women Athletes for Learning and Literacy

With training and support from Ethiopia Reads staff in Addis Ababa, women athletes lead reading circles in primary school libraries and classrooms. They assist school librarians. They lead in the formation of book clubs. Acting as role models for children in early grades provides them with confidence and hope. They gain new work experience, and they themselves are mentored by professional women.

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Partners in Business Development

This pilot program, funded by the Bond and Devick Financial Network in the Twin Cities, offers women athletes a chance to develop computer skills and practice them in the real business contexts. Among other assignments, athletes will be laying out in-house publication for Bond and Devick.

Goal 4 ethiopia

We are working with One World Play Project to raise ball donations for Ethiopia Reads. These amazing, nearly indestructible One World Futbols are desperately needed in Ethiopia- a country where children can be seen kicking ragballs through the streets and villages at every turn.

One World Futbols give children the chance to play, to live out their dreams of playing in a real soccer game, without the worry of finding a needle or pump, without the worry of a ball going flat. They only need to engage themselves with the thrill of the kick and the delight of the chase.

Nearly 1,000 balls have been donated, benefiting an estimated 29,550 Ethiopian children.

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