Welcome to the Ethiopia Reads Blog!

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Hello and welcome to the first post to our new blog!

This is a forum that allows us to go into greater depth on topics we feel are important to the work and mission of Ethiopia Reads. Our goal is to deliver interesting content relevant to our founding mission: improving literacy as a way to empower Ethiopian children, teachers, and communities with the tools to improve their own lives.

He who learns, teaches.
— Ethiopian Proverb

With this blog we want to provide Ethiopia Reads’ supporters with rich, updated information on our projects, outreach and upcoming campaigns. We also have the opportunity to feature posts by outside contributors and collaborate with experts and leaders in the fields of literacy, education, and international development work in Ethiopia.

We would love to get your feedback as we get up and running. Please feel free to send any questions, comments or requests to: info@ethiopiareads.org

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