Horse Powered Library – Ferzano Update


Ethiopia Reads would like to introduce you to our newest member, 23 year-old Addisse Adebo, hired as the new Horse Powered Library facilitator. Addisse is a young local man who attended Mudula High School and has spent the past few years teaching preschool children at church and in the village. Previously working as a farmer, Addisse was introduced to our HPL program at the Kololo by facilitators Legesse and Bereket.

Addisse currently works in four sites – Deresho, Zebeoba, Chancho, and Ha Ferzano. Rural children and families walk upwards of 20 minutes to the village center to attend HPL sessions where they learn Amharic and English alphabets and stories. In Ferzano, the HLP was established in December 2015 and our facilitator works every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

After watching our experienced HPL facilitators at Kololo, Addisse was able to take what he observed and put it into practice immediately. Showing skill and confidence, he was able to capture the attention of large groups of village children, engaging and encouraging them along the way. Reading, story-telling, counting and art are all integral components of our HPL.

Initial observations by Ethiopia Reads staff demonstrate how Addisse takes initiative, using stories, questions, and song to alternatively calm or excite the children. His ability to connect with children is incredible, as he reads the children picture books, mesmerizing them with stories and images.

In light of his immediate success, Ethiopia Reads is proud to announce this addition to our staff. Addisse has adapted easily to his new role and we expect more good things to come. Don’t forget to check back for updates on HLP Ferzano and Addisse.