Jane Kurtz: Illustration

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Last year, when I was part of a reading celebration at a Missouri university, I listened to an illustrator, Wendy Halprin, share fascinating ideas about a project that focuses on the connection between literacy and drawing. Find out more at Wendy’s homepage drawingchildrenintoreading.com. She was telling me about what scientists are finding: as a Huffington Post article puts it, “Recent … Read More

Jane Kurtz: The Power of Books

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There is something extraordinarily compelling about seeing ourselves in the pages of a book. When I was a kid, I fell in love with The Middle Moffat by Eleanor Estes because the main character’s name was Jane and she was full of misadventures. Just like me. How lucky was I that my mom had read an article by a librarian— … Read More

VOA Interview with Betty Gronneberg


Voice of America (VOA) just published up a link to their recent interview of ER Board Member Betty Gronneberg on the subject of her new book, “The Alphabet Takes A Journey.” Betty’s interview has received a great deal of attention, and was even promoted during a broadcast of The Helen Show on EBS News! *Note: this interview was conducted in … Read More

Addis Book Festival hosted by ER & the Ethiopian Writers Association


On March 5th & 6th, Ethiopia Reads organized and participated in a two-day book festival in the Shiro Meda district of Addis Ababa, in partnership with the Ethiopian Writers Association. The festival’s slogan: Nu Enanbebe (“Come, Lets Read!”) This was a community event for children and families, featuring games, puzzles, and books, where students, parents, teachers and neighbors all came … Read More

Jane Kurtz: Turning Stories into Books

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Lots of artists and educators around the world look to traditional stories as a source of inspiration and joy. When I was reading aloud to my kids and beginning to capture my own childhood in my first books I did the same thing. The Elephant and the Mosquito illustrated by Courtney Smith. Dr. Laurie Curtis at Kansas State University, wise … Read More

Jane Kurtz: Thoughts on Bookmaking

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Our first guest is Ethiopia Reads co-founder and former board chair Jane Kurtz, a well-known children’s author and professor of creative writing. The topic of bookmaking has become a central feature of our organization’s work and we continue to explore to ways to create more and more local-language reading material for children across Ethiopia. Artists are also born every day, … Read More

Welcome to the Ethiopia Reads Blog!

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Hello and welcome to the first post to our new blog! This is a forum that allows us to go into greater depth on topics we feel are important to the work and mission of Ethiopia Reads. Our goal is to deliver interesting content relevant to our founding mission: improving literacy as a way to empower Ethiopian children, teachers, and … Read More